Aircraft cabin interior

Exploring the future of Y-class seating. Building constraints into the initial ideas and creating 3D data that we can prototype - testing basic ergonomics whilst holding onto the concept intent. 

The aim is to reduce boarding times and improve passenger comfort during flights. Passengers can fold the base of their seat up, step back into the footwell area and passengers in the same row can then easily slide past. Enplane and Deplane times are a big issue for airlines looking to reduce turnaround times and therefore increase efficiency. 


Form - Theme board

20.03.18_Joon_Theme boards-01.jpg

CMF - Theme Board

20.03.18_Joon_Theme boards-02.jpg

Initial Sketches

20.03.18_SKETCH PAGE.jpg

CAD Development

20.03.18_Rear View_insitu.jpg
20.03.18_exploded view.jpg